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    Asked Questions

    A project is a container for apps across Apple, Android, and web platforms and seo also. It supports sharing of features such as Database, Config and Notifications between your cross-platform apps.

    You should add Apple, Android and web app variants to a single project. You can use multiple projects to support multiple environments, such as development, staging and production.

    Ooh, that’s a tough one. You see, there are so many factors, it’s just about impossible to give an accurate cost without finding out more about what you’re planning. But we want to be helpful, so here are some ballparks. For an early stage project where you’re just looking for an MVP to test the waters, we recommend budgeting at least $999. For larger, more complex projects you want to be thinking anything from $30,000 upwards.

    We do indeed. In some cases we use our in-house designers, other times we bring in one of the amazing design studios we’ve partnered with, who can offer the same level of design service. 

    We’re so glad you asked. Because designing and building an app is just the start. If you don’t look after it, sooner or later (probably sooner) it’s going to go wrong. That’s why we have a range of support packages designed to keep your app up to date and bug free. You can choose what level of cover you like, whether that’s straightforward monthly maintenance or constant round-the-clock monitoring.